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Forge of Empires – Real-time strategy meets tower defense

forge of empires

In the browser game Forge of Empires you can create your own city and experience all of history from its perspective - from the Stone Age on through the centuries. Explore new technologies that ring in a new era. Leave a mark with unique, contemporary buildings and establish a gigantic metropolis that is unparalleled anywhere. Increase your empire with sophisticated strategic campaigns and skilled actions in Forge of Empires. Create your own world: Forge your Empire

forge of empires: big medieval empire

But not everything is peaceful in Forge of Empires. Fight exciting battles, use a variety of units and incorporate the individual features of the terrain in order to win. On the battle field you can either take on the computer or give other players a lesson in battle strategy. Steer the fate of your empire: Forge of Empires

A Closer Look at Forge of Empires

There are many games of the tower defense genre out there that possess a variety of styles, such as the light-hearted and nostalgic Pokémon Tower Defense or the quirky Bloons Tower Defense 5. The variety of real-time strategy games out there is as equally diverse, with games like Tribal Wars offering the player a challenging, long-term adventure in which you build a village from scratch and defend it against attackers. However, there are few games out there that are as involving and feature-packed as Forge of empires, a real-time strategy game from Inno Games that also includes hints of tower/town defense and a brave attempt at following the course of history through your settlement’s researching and discovering of new technologies.

forge of empires: build your city


Forge of Empires is not your traditional game of tower defense. Instead, the initial stages of the gameplay are focused on building a small town settlement by starting in the Stone Ages and researching a variety of technologies that can be used to build new buildings, train better troops for your army, and produce more resources and income to fuel your growing empire. The more your settlement develops and the more research that you perform, the more quickly you will advance from the Stone Ages into the Bronze Age, Iron Age, and eventually into the various divisions of the Medieval period. Throughout this development, you will also be required to expand your empire through the use of force against neighbouring provinces, as well as assemble forces that can adequately defend your settlement against the constant threat of attack from other players of the game; this latter feature is where the tower defense aspect is most apparent.


Forge of Empires: Game Play

The game functions like most other real-time strategy titles, with a top-down overview of your village allowing you to keep an eye on things, and a menu system allowing you to perform all the actions required in the game with a click of the mouse. The initial stages require the building of residential buildings for income, production buildings for making resources, and military buildings to produce troops that will be used for the defense of your city and the invasion of surrounding lands. The game involves careful balancing of your resources and income with the population size. The quality of your buildings and their efficacy in producing income/resources depends on the research of technology that can be performed, which costs you increasing numbers of ‘forge points’.  Once you have researched all the technology available in one era, you move on to the next. For example, you are restricted to basic huts in the Stone Age, but residential buildings improve as a result of your research, leading to Chalets and Roof Tile Houses in the Iron Age.

The combat aspect of the game is also very detailed, involving turn-based fighting on a small area of land. The ability to control your troops on an individual level makes Forge of Empires a very entertaining title, and also makes it superior to statistics-based titles like Tribal Wars.

Graphics and Additional Features

Forge of Empires: Visual Interface

The home screen of Forge of Empires displays your whole settlement in very fine detail, with the ability to zoom in and out depending on how large your civilisation becomes. The graphics of the game are as detailed as you are ever likely to see in a browser game, with the design of the buildings, landscape, and individual people in the game being fairly realistic. You can often see tiny, fully-animated people walking about the town, and production buildings such as stone masons, vineyards, and dye works actually show the workers going about their jobs. Forge of Empires has some of the best graphics I have seen in a browser-based game, rivalling that of many paid-for games.

Forge of Empires also allows you to help out other towns in the game by polishing their decorative statues and motivating their workers. Similarly, you are also able to attack the towns of other players with your army in order to plunder their resources. Be warned though: this also works both ways, since your town can also be invaded and your resources plundered


Forge of Empires: Battle Time

Forge of Empires is one of the most well-animated and brilliantly-designed games of browser-based real-time strategy available. The ability to research your way through the ages distinguishes the game from its rivals, and the turn-based battle system and emphasis on building an army to defend your empire means the game will appeal to a variety of audiences.


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