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Despair Not

So you've been playing Pokémon Tower Defense 2 but have reached the end of the road there; what do you do now? Well, you could leave the Pokémon world forever, turning your back on the thing that you love just because one game's fun has been entirely spent. This is around the time you should start looking for more fun however: this is the time you discover Pokémon Stadium: World of Chaos (WoC for short). WoC is a challenging battle game that puts you against trainers that have a variety of Pokémon at hand. It's a little like the Battle Subway in X and Y but without the trains. It's quite a difficult little minx to beat however, so here is a bit of a guide to help you through some of the game's tougher moments.

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My Cup Runneth Over with Pokémon

The mini games aside here, WoC is all about the Tournament. This tournament is split into three levels: the Poké Cup, the Great Cup, and the Ultra Cup. Oddly enough, each of the tiers of the tournament don't contain trainers or Pokémon unique to each of them (this is a feature that I have put down as desirable for Pokémon Stadium: World of Chaos 2, if such a game ever comes out), but rather are a random selection of trainers that can make their way through the tournaments to battle you regardless of whether you're playing the Poké, Great, or Ultra Cup.

The way the whole thing works is you first must select a tournament to play in; this will be the Poké Cup as it's the only one initially available. After this, you are taken through to a screen where you must pick six out of nine pre-selected Pokémon: Litwick, Spheal, Swadloon, Solrock, Pidgeotto, Gabite, Magnemite, Scraggy, and Trubbish.

Picking six can be difficult but I've outlined the main ones you're going to need below. Once you've blind-picked six Pokémon (blind because you don't know what Pokémon your opponents will have at this stage), you are entered into the tournament where you will go up against three trainers, each with three Pokémon. You can pick 3 Pokémon at this point. This is not done blindly; you can see your opponent's 3 Pokemon and can therefore make an informed decision as to which ones you'll choose to go against them.

Your Pokémon heal between each trainer; there are no useable items such as potions to help you. You also don't know which combination of trainers you will face and when, so it's just a matter of covering as many bases as you canmost of the time.

Just remember: you're going to be using some Pokemon more than others, with Scraggy, Gabite, Pidgeotto, and Litwick being among the more useful ones. Conversely, you can go the entire game without using Swadloon. It's not exactly like the Pokémon Trading Card Game in its balance of Pokemon, but this is what we have to work with, so let's accept it.

screenshot of  woc 6 pokemon

This is what my choice of 6 looked like in pretty much any of the tournaments. You can swap out Trubbish for Solrock or Magnemite if you fancy; Swadloon is superfluous here.

The Trainers

Jay - Cryogonal, Cloyster, Mamoswine

Scraggy will see you through your time with Cryogonal with his fighting moves. Trubbish will make a good addition to fight Cloyster with his Giga Drain. Mamoswine can also be taken out with Trubbish or Scraggy, but pop in Litwick just in case.

Cheren - Simisage, Gigalith, Emboar

This should be an easy fight as long as you've got Scraggy for his fighting super-effectiveness against Gigalith (his Ice Punch will also damage Simisage substantially) , Litwick for extra coverage of Simisage, and Pidgeotto for his flying advantage over Emboar and extra help against Simisage (Spheal will also do, but his half Ice-type nature is weak against Emboar's Fighting moves).

Amira - Liepard, Absol, Gothitelle

Scraggy is perfect for this fight. In fact, he can bring you to victory on his own, facing off against all three without the need for even switching out your Pokémon.

Bianca - Emolga, Dratini, Minccino

Scraggy is again a great choice for this fight; his Ice Punch will make short work of Emolga and Dratini, and also the normal-type Minccino . Also a good member to have here would be Gabite, just for extra coverage against Dratini. Make sure Scraggy is the head of your team as no matter who comes up he will have a move that's super-effective against them. This is another fight that can be won entirely by Scraggy - that Pokémon's a one-man powerhouse.

Melanie - Growlithe, Dewott, Sandslash

For this team of Pokémon I used Spheal, Trubbish, and Scraggy. Spheal is useful for the water moves to take down Growlithe (with coverage of Sandlash also). Trubbish's Grass-type move Giga Drain will take down Sandslash in one go and Dewott in two., Scraggy's Ice Punch is useful for destroying Sandslash as well, just in case you were unlucky with Trubbish.

Teejay - Gardevoir, Houndoom, Machoke,

This is a tough spread of Pokémon to beat as there are no overlapping type-based weaknesses that will allow just one or two Pokémon to absolutely dominate the team. Therefore I recommend using Scraggy for Houndoom, Pidgeotto for Machoke, and Litwick for Gardevoir on account of the former's combination of super-effective Ghost and Poison moves (send Litwick out first because Gardevoir needs to be taken down immediately; its Signal Beam is a devastating attack for most Pokémon apart from Litwick. Yes, Machoke's Rock Throw will cause problems for Pidgeotto but you should be able to squeeze off Wing Attack first and you can always use Roost if you need some HP back.

Fennel - Archen, Watchdog, Musharna

Probably one of the easiest battles there is, provided you have Scraggy that is. His Fighting type will destroy Watchdog with ease; his Ice Punch can take down Archen with one hit; Musharna is as good as fainted with Scraggy's Dark-type Feint Attack as well. I chose Spheal and Litwick just for backup anyhow.

screenshot of woc fennel

Here you can see the selection process. After selecting your six for the tournament, you get to choose three per battle. Here I've based my selection on type effectiveness: Scraggy is particularly useful here as usual.

Zoro - ???

This is the final boss that steals your trophy right at the end of the final tournament. His choice of Pokémon is concealed, but during battle each of his Pokémon comes out as "Ditto", though presumably in different, random forms as opposed to mimicking your own. Sandslash, Mamoswine, and Gardevoir came out when I played through, but this is presumably different every time. There's no real strategy here besides luck, so I suggest you pick powerful Pokémon like Scraggy and Gabite, and perhaps opt for something like Trubbish for his Giga Drain ability that allows you to fight for longer due to regaining your health.

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