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Fill the Gap

It's getting on in the year now and the new Pokémon title could be said to be right around the corner, so what is there to fill the gargantuan gap in the meantime? Well, there's a lovely bit of Pokémon Tower Defense 2 to experience if you're up for an adventure, or Pokémon Stadium: World of Chaos if you're up for some quick-fire battling action. To experience a happy medium between these two however, it may be prudent to have a go at the original Pokémon Tower Defense, a game that is often overlooked in favour of its successor.

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Play Pokemon Tower Defense

Play Pokemon Tower Defense

If you enjoy the Pokémon universe and also love a bit of tower defense, how about you get in on an experience that's a wonderful mixture of both? Battle Pokémon, level up, and devise your very own strategy for beating your opponents and capturing all 151 of the original Generation I Pokémon in Pokémon Tower Defense.

One thing that needs to be made clear is that the original Pokémon Tower Defense isn't overlooked because it is a bad game. On the contrary, it is a great experience for Pokémon fans that are interested in the origins of Pokémon Tower Defense 2 as well as anyone that just wants something a little bit different to the average tower defense game.

Play the Game

screenshot of Pokemon Tower Defense

The gameplay of Pokémon Tower Defense has you playing through individual stages, each of which have different parameters that must be met in order to be victorious within them and move on to the next level. You must choose your Pokémon line up at the beginning of each stage and then drag them to your desired positions on the screen in order to initiate attacks. The currently-selected attack for each Pokémon will be initiated automatically to any enemy Pokémon that is in range. You're able to swap and drag around your Pokémon at your leisure as well, which is handy for some ad-hoc revision of your strategy if you initially get things wrong.

As is always the case with Pokémon games most intriguing element of the gameplay is the type matchups that dictate the damage that is dealt/received by each of your Pokémon. While the level of your Pokémon and the attacks it knows  (and learns as it levels up) certainly affect how much damage is dealt/received, it is your Pokémon's type matchup with the opposition that will determine the majority of the damage levels.

Type is Tantamount to Success

If you're not into Pokémon, a creature's type simply refers to one (or sometimes two if it's a dual-type Pokémon) of a variety of different types (such as Water, Fire, Ground, Electric, Steel, Psychic etc.) that your Pokémon can be. Fire Pokémon are weak to water, steel to fire, and water to electric. Conversely, if you're trying to use a Fire-type Pokémon's  Flamethrower against a Water Pokémon, you're not going to dish out much damage at all. I recommend that you check out the Type Effectiveness guide page in order to familiarise yourself with the different types and devise a strategy based on these.

Levelling up is a glorious occasion in the Pokemon World, and this is no different in Pokémon Tower Defense. The only difference is that levelling up in this game requires that you spend a little money to get the job done. Now, while this system does work, it's a bit frustrating since it sort of deviates a little from the true premise of Pokemon, which is to level up through battling and gaining experience points. This detracts a little from the "magic" that drives the Pokémon universe, but doesn't go as far as to ruin Pokemon Tower Defense for players.

It's like Pokémon, But not Quite the Same

True Pokémon fans will be happy to know that all of the original 151 Pokémon can be encountered and caught in this game, and as most people known these are the best Pokémon from the best generation in Pokémon's history. There's also challenge mode which has you battling with a pre-picked Pokémon team in return for prizes such as Shiny Pokémon.

I'd suggest playing Pokémon Tower Defense 2 if you're after an highly authentic Pokémon experience that retains the magic of the main series. Pokémon Tower Defense is a solid foundation for what is now a great series, but the inability to roam freely in the fictional world is a hindrance and the lack of levelling up naturally detracts from the game somewhat. It's still got a large amount of style and is based on a great concept however, so it can be enjoyed as long as you remember that the sequel is definitely better.

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