Pokemon Twitch Browser Game

Twitch plays Pokemon is the ultimate in modern social experimentation. Thousands of Pokemon fans from around the world have their say in the actions taking place on the Pokemon game currently being played at the time. Twitch streams the feed and allows anyone to watch as the action unfolds in front of their eyes.

Pokemon Twitch is more like a social experiment than a game in the classic sense. It deserves this title because instead of one player having direct control of unique instances of the game like in many other games such as Pokemon Showdown, Pokemon Twitch involves many users controlling the game by issuing commands through Twitch's chatroom system. Essentially it's a "let's see what happens when any combination of people and commands can affect the outcome of a game". And it works brilliantly.

The game being played at the moment is Pokemon Stadium 2, and it seems to be going pretty well. This is a game that is being played in the interim between Twitch's last completion, which was Pokemon X, and Twitch's upcoming play through of Pokemon Omega Ruby, which will begin on November 22nd 2014, so check back at this page after this date and you can be directed towards this epic future conquest.

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