Top 6 Legendary Pokemon, Ever

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So you've come to the stage in your illustrious Pokémon career where the regular Pokéfolk in the game's six generations simply won't do any more. Every player gets to this stage, marked by the ceasing to care about the regular Pokémon and lists that claim to rank the best 5, 10, 15, or even 50 Pokémon according to usefulness. Doing this is a little bit of a pointless task anyhow since there just so many Pokémon (719 known as of October 2014), each with different natures, stats, and move combinations. But when it comes to Legendary Pokémon, selection is narrowed down somewhat; this is where we can really begin to talk top 10s.

Legen - wait for it - dary. Whether you love or hate How I Met Your Mother, you're here for the legendary Pokémon, and below are the ones I feel made the cut

1. Mewtwo, Psychic Type. Mega Form: Psychic/Fighting

screenshot of legendary mewtwo

This almost goes without saying really. Not only is Mewtwo a ridiculously fearful creature that does creepy things like talk perfect human language and control humans on a psychic level. Without Mewtwo in Pokemon Red/Blue, you were nothing. With him, you were everything, everyone, and all-powerful. Just remember that you had to save the only master ball in the entire game to catch this bad boy.

2. Mew, Psychic Type

screenshot of legendary mew

Mew is just one of those Pokémon that everyone wants. Not necessarily because of his abilities such as being able to learn every HM and TM, but because he was literally unobtainable in the first few generations. In this respect he is the archetypal representation of the unavailable, the out-of-reach outcome that everyone wants but nobody can (initially) have. Of course you were able to obtain him later in the main series, but this doesn't take away the memories of the time when you couldn't have him.

It's just a damn shame that he was only available at special giveaway events, but you could always trade someone for it.

3. Arceus - Normal type (changes when holding a plate)

screenshot of legendary arceus

You can't really argue with the fact that Arceus is said to be the "original one", as in, the creator of all of the Pokémon and the Pokémon world itself. Arceus is quite simply one of, if not the strongest Pokemon to ever exist as of Generation VI, though this could change in Pokémon Alpha Ruby and Omega Sapphire.

4. Deoxys, Psychic Type

screenshot of legendary deoxys

What makes Deoxys special is that it has a variety of different forms that can be changed by visiting certain locations within the later generations (Nacrene City, Amberette Town, Route 3, or Veilstone City). Its four forms are: defense, speed, attack , and normal. Each form causes Deoxys to possess stats favourable to whichever form he is in (speed for speed, higher defense for defense form etc.).

Again, the only way to obtain a Deoxys these days is to trade for it, which may be difficult as most people won't like letting go of him!

5.Reshiram - Dragon/Flying Type

screenshot of legendary reshiram

Having a dual-type Pokémon is usually advantageous (though it depends against whom you are fighting), but having one with the punchy attack power of Reshiram is certainly a boon to anyone's team. His signature move, Blue Flare, is one that can literally decide the outcome of any battle (providing you're taking type matchups into account of course), dealing a massive 130 damage with 85% accuracy.

6.Rayquaza, Dragon/Flying Type

screenshot of legendary rayquaza

Though it's true that there really ain't no party like an S-Club party, having a party with Rayquaza in its ranks it is most certainly the next best thing. It is a fearful looking thing to start with, but its dual-type of flying/dragon also brings forth the pain for many opposing Pokémon. Not only that, it can also mega-evolve into Mega Rayquaza.

Draco Meteor and Giga Impact are among some of the attacks he can learn, allowing you to form a powerful move set in order to make him one of the most feared Pokémon in any region.

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