Kingdom Rush Frontiers Hacked Game

Kingdom Rush: Frontiers has been hacked, and below is a few thoughts and ideas on the game and the hacking possibilities that we put forward before the game was ever hacked.

Kingdom Rush: Frontiers Hacked – Premature contemplations on the potential for hacks to the sequel

The Unbearable Wait

There’s nothing like a bit of Kingdom Rush: Frontiers speculation, particularly in the midst of all the tension and palpable anticipation for its release that grows on a daily basis. In an almost torturous move, Ironhide have recently released some videos portraying the heroes that we currently know of in action, but the game doesn’t actually feel any closer to being upon us. Granted, there is still a month left before Spring has fully sprung and the warm photons of the summer sun fall upon us in an official, astronomical capacity, but it is the former season that has been indicated by Ironhide as the collection of months in which the release of the game would fall. At this rate, Autumn would have fallen before we get our browsers/swiping fingers on the game, let alone one with hacks to make our life easier. There really isn’t any harm in fuelling the keen fires of anticipation with further speculation and casual discussion of Frontiers’ features.

Tower Trip

Any fan who knows his orc from his Alric will have some idea of the new tower upgrades to expect in Frontiers. We have crossbowmen and a windwalker’s totum to look forward to in the ranged tower department, and some well-armoured knights/deadly assassins by way of the barracks towers. Artillery will take the form of the deployable Battle-Mecha T-200 or the DWAARP to drill and create earthquakes or spread oil and rain fire down upon the enemy. The coolest of all the towers is by far the necromancer magic kind, but archmage tower looks fairly formidable. Anywhere you look on the internet, people just can’t get enough of these towers, but how are we looking for hacks provisions for the new towers?

If the current Kingdom Rush hacks situation is anything to go by, we are very unlikely to see anything close to an all towers hack. This is very unfortunate, but even with the current Kingdom Rush hacking efforts, there aren’t any versions where there are all towers available; they simply have to be earned the old-fashioned way. This doesn’t mean that we can’t get our tower upgrades more hastily when they do become naturally available through gameplay, however.

Money Talks

One hack that is the common denominator in all currently hacked versions of Kingdom Rush is the unlimited money hack where purchasing towers or pressing certain keys will add to your money supply. If Kingdom Rush: Frontiers’ upgrade system works in the same way as the original, then once you have unlocked the tower upgrades by making progress in the game, you will have the resources to afford as many towers as you can possibly fit on the screen, as well as the ability to upgrade them instantly to whichever level you have currently unlocked. An unlimited money hack is likely to be the main focus for all hackers of flash games once Frontiers is released.

Cooldowns and Heroes

I don’t really fancy exhaustively listing the properties and abilities of Cronan the Beastmaster, Alric the Warrior, or Mirage the assassin since this information is available pretty much all over the place at this stage. What is important about the hacked future of Kingdom Rush: Frontiers is a no cooldown hack to allow our heroes to use their attacks without having to wait for the long cooldown period to tick down to zero. The supplementary attack cooldowns such as the meteoric rain of fire should also be reduced in a hacked Frontiers.

Hack Away

Whichever date Kingdom Rush: Frontiers finally gets released on, you can be sure the flash hackers out there will be on the case immediately, frantically working to allow us to use some Kingdom Rush Frontiers cheats in order to get the upper hand and allow us impatient folk to build the towers we want, precisely when we want them (which I have a feeling will always and forever be immediately, and not a moment later). Much like the hacks in Pokémon Tower Defense 2 Hacked, the Kingdom Rush Frontier hacks will allow us to progress at an accelerated pace and to feed our impatience with the fully upgraded towers long before we would be able to afford them through playing the unhacked game.

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