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When Match 3 Meets Pokemon: a Battle Camp Quick Review

Soft pastel colors, cute line art, and a match three system are put together to create a game that targets the novelty item collector hidden within every single person: you have to get them all. Mirroring the spirit of Nintendo's gotta-catch-em-all Pokemon approach, Battle Camp is all about kids and cute monsters dueling for sport. The caveat is that you get to control one specific kid and be subject to a massive game of monster leveling and collecting. The entire game is played in a match-3 based combat mechanic that will have you setting up combos and chain attacks while deciding how to be best level up your creatures. Continue Reading

Release Date: 25/09/2013

App Store Rating: 4.0/5

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Over 800 Monsters

Between the elemental dragons, old-man turtles, battle-rabbits, magic unicorns, and over half a dozen totally-not-Pikachu monsters that are found in the game, it is easy to be lost in the massive bestiary that this game offers. The starting lineup is not bad at all, though expect that you will be quickly moving on to stronger and cuter creatures as you progress to game. The visual range of these monsters start from the insanely cute to the kinda-badass (but still cute), no matter how we feel about this game as a whole, the visual charm is most definitely undeniable.

Oh, and you do not have to stick to a single monster either. The game has players create a team of creatures for combat. Yes, it is totally a line out of Pokemon's playbook, but it also works. Having to set up a full party means that you will be required to play the game quite extensively: seeking out your favorite looking monsters then finding out which ones can work together well as a team. Setting up monster with varying elemental strengths and weaknesses is a basic, yet important strategy for anyone who wants to get far in the game.

The one takeaway that players should get here is that Battle Camp has a lot of monsters and almost all of them are worth collecting. Some are great for practical, combat related purposes while others are just aesthetically pleasing that you cannot help but want to have them.

Match 3 Mechanics

Combat is played in turns -your monsters attack, then they defend against the enemy's turn. To deal damage, players will have to create match-3 basics on the board. If you can chain a huge combo, then the elements used in the attack will add a big damage bonus to your move. Shaking things up is the fact that you can move and drag any tile anywhere on the grid. This turns the basic match-3 system into something more dynamic and unpredictable. While it will certainly throw some players off, those who can easily adjust will find that being able to set up huge chains can be done much easier this way.

Compatible with Apple Watch

While we are still mostly on the fence with wearable technology, Battle Camp has fully embraced it. Users with an Apple Watch will be able to access a special app that allows them to take care of a monster pet. This will help players evolve a pet faster as well as unlocking some special functions in the game as well.

IAPs and Ads

The big letdown of this game is the annoying way it keeps bugging you to connect to a social network. Sure, it also has IAPs and the paywall kind of imbalances the gameplay (which is the same thing that can be said of a lot of free games on the iOS), but at least those are a little expected (disappointing, but still expected). The way the game keeps bugging you until you connect to Facebook, however, is just outright annoying.

The Verdict: For Collectors

Battle Camp is a fine game with a lot of good things going for it -all hampered by the imbalance brought by a paywall. If you love Pokemon style games, then putting up with the side issues in order to enjoy the game is worth it. But if collecting, evolving, and making monsters battle each other is not your idea of a good time, then you will want to try something else.


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Battle Camp is developed by PennyPop.

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