Battle Monster Mobile Games

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Top 10 Monster Battle Games on Android and iOS

Beastie Bay

We are opening this list with our top contender and favorite monster battle game of all time, Beastie Bay! Kairosoft fans will be quick to identify the developer's iconic art style and game layout. For those of you not familiar with Kairosoft's games, be ready for a treat. All their mobile games are well developed, has in-depth game mechanics, impressive 2D sprite based art style, and the aesthetic design is an instant classic. Monster battle fans will en joy the combat delivery as well with the many sprite based monsters throwing attacks and abilities at each other while you try to manage your team towards victory. The thing that's new in this game is that this is one of Kairosoft's few free to play games, which means yes, there are some IAPs involved but you can still pretty much completele anything without having to spend.

Monster Galaxy: Exile

If you want fights between impressive looking monsters, look no further, Monster Galaxy: Exile is the title you have been looking for. Battles are done in one-on-one matchups and you must prepare your units fully for each possible encounter. The monster collection in this game is also pretty good -even if you have already played the first game, Monster Galaxy: Zodiac Islands, there are lots of all new monsters (called as Mogas in this game) for you to meet and capture. The artwork for the monsters is a great mix of action comic-book style to cute mascot type monsters, so you know that whichever kind of monster you might like, there is bound to be one in this game that is just to your tastes.

Battle Camp

Battle Camp provides a very competitive online environment for players, so if that is not your kind of scene, you may want to stick to the game's single player modes (which are pretty few). On the other hand, if you like going only and tussling it out with the best that the online community can offer then you will enjoy this game. Of course, climbing your way up the ladder is going to be tough and challenging, but that is also kind of fun in its own way. Visually, Battle Camp is deceptively charming. The hyper stylized visuals actually work well with the theme of the game, making it a great pick for fun gaming moments.


If you enjoyed the battles of classic Pokemon games, then this game should be something you will want to play. EvoCreo's combat system is a shot-for-shot remake of the older Pokemon games -down to the position of the camera and the monsters. But aside from looking like a good game, EvoCreo is a pretty fun title to play in itself. The various Creos come in all shapes and sizes and trying to get used to their various traits and abilities is a fun task. It pays off to be diligent too, many of the matches can be pretty tough if you do not know what you are doing. But on the other hand, if you pay close attention, you can quickly master the battles in this game.

GeoSocieties Plus

It is easy to get into GeoSocieties Plus' gameplay -mostly thanks to the impressive visual presentation. This game would look perfectly at home with any of the various handheld console devices if it were not for the fact that it is a massive clone of Pokemon. But despite being based on an existing game, GSPlus is actually pretty impressive in its own regard -and there are times when the visuals in this game manage to surpass the ones we see in the previous generations of Pokemon. The battles are fun to play, if you keep track of the various elemental attributes, it gets fun switching your leader attacker around in order to adapt to the various enemies that you encounter.

Bulu Monster

If you are looking for a game that takes you straight to the battles without fuss, then you will enjoy Bulu Monster. The game is designed so that everything boils down to managing your monsters and then having them fight. Each monster has its own unique attacks and abilities, and you level of familiarity with your teams capabilities as well as the strengths and weaknesses of your opponent is a key factor to winning battles in this game. Visually, this game is not bad -the layout is neat and the monsters designs are really nice to look at.

Bread Kittens and Bread Puppies

These two games, "Bread Kittens" and "Bread Puppies" look incredibly cute, but they also have pretty cool combat mechanics. The artstyle for both titles look cute and silly, and the overall aesthetic is obviously designed to appeal to a wide range of players. The game is linear and straightforward, putting you in one battle after another. Now, for those of you wondering what the games are titled as such, it is because the whole point of the battles is that you toss bread at your opponents (it basically refers to the joke about cats landing on their feet and slices of bread with peanut butter always landing a certain side up). The other side of this game is that you also have to bake the bread you toss.


This is a pretty unique monster battle game in the sense that unlike other games where you either breed or capture monsters, Monstercrafter has you building or crafting one. And yes, the whole Minecraft homage is intentional as you create full 3D blocky monsters. The visual style is actually pretty amazing though it does have a tendency to slow down on older devices (so unless you have one of the newer phones with great hardware, you will have to pass this up). The battles are amazing, full 3D, real time sequences, so if you feel like getting creative with your monsters, then this game is going to be a treat.

Tap Tap Monsters

If you like your battles to be a bit more engaging, but still instant -then you will love Tap Tap Monsters. As the title suggests, there is a tapping mechanic in the game's main part which is the combat. In order to perform good attacks, you must tap the screen in various ways. This can be a combination of taping at the right intervals, fast tapping, and other similar things. The monster designs are also adorable, most of which feel like they would not be out of place in Pokemon.

Monster Adventures

We are wrapping up this list with pseudo a dungeon crawler game, Monster Adventures. In this game, you take your pet monster for a run through various locations and have them fight enemies they encounter in real time. It feels more like a hack and slash game than anything else, but it also allows you to appreciate your monster in full combat mode. While the game is fun, there is a bit of exploration and crawling to be done so this will appeal more to players looking for a more in-depth kind of monster battling game.