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Bulu Monster is a Pokemon Style Game You Can Play Offline

It might seem like an exaggeration to say that Bulu Monster's best feature is the offline mode, but it is. On paper, it may not seem like much of a big deal, and it is not as if there aren't any other offline games out there for the mobile platform. But for this particular game genre with the types of IAP and premium content usually peddled by these types of games, it is quite a big feat for a title to allow players to enjoy the game without having to bug them with the occasional pop out image ad or video.

What is Bulu Monster?

Bulu Monster is a Pokemon style game; you start out with a basic monster from one of three starter elements. Using this monster, you fight and defeat other monsters in the game. By bringing down the life of monsters below a certain threshold, they become weakened and are then available to be captured by the player in order to add the monster to their own team. Through battles, the player's monsters slowly grow in power (allowing them to fight even stronger monsters) while also reaching special points where a monster can evolve to an even more powerful form.

So here we mention the points where the game slightly differs from Pokemon: first off, there is no exploration. The game advances automatically through stage markers. You finish a battle sequence then move on to the next. It makes for a very straightforward kind of game, leaving the player no room to see the world around them. At the same time, this speeds up the game progress as you don't get into random encounters.

Multiplayer is not done in real time. Unlike in Pokemon where you battle other trainers live, in Bulu Monster, you only fight their team setups, which puts the attacker at an advantage since there is no one making tactical decisions on the other defending side. Of course, the computer is decently competent, but not clever enough to win most stat-even battles.

Release Date: 27/11/2015

App Store Rating: 4.3/5

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A Good Mobile Game

The touch based commands in Bulu Monster are intuitive and easy to learn. Not that other games in the genre are particularly hard in terms of controls, but here, the interface feels even more sensible than in other games. It certainly helps that the buttons are laid out in very neat and organized ways that it seems like the placement is all but perfect. At no point in playing the game did we find ourselves wishing that the layout was in any way different. Another good thing is that the game's response time is splendid, making the gameplay feel very smooth.


There is a story too, and while it is easy to get distracted by details like the fact that the lead character is wearing the stolen cap of Pokemon's protagonist, it is easier to get carried along with Bulu Monster's pace thanks to interesting design and look of the game's visuals.

Speaking of visuals, this is the one aspect where the game manages to be pretty impressive. Art-wise, what else can we say? This game is a Pokemon clone so that is all that anyone needs to know about the aesthetic sensibilities of the game. At the very least, the art is polished and nicely presented. The other thing is that the animations are top notch. Sure, some of the frames have been cleverly planned to minimize the amount of effort needed, but the end result is still impressive. Monsters move about very smoothly, and watching them perform actions in battles (even basic moves) feel incredibly satisfying.

The Verdict: What is a Bulu Anyway?

Bulu Monsters is still a far cry from Pokemon -in terms of being a substitute. But when compared to all the other offerings out there on the mobile market. This is not really a bad choice. If anything, the game can be plenty of fun to play. There are a lot of monsters (over 150), lots of battles to fight, the visuals are easy on the eyes, and the fact that it can be played without staying online makes it very accessible no matter where you are.



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Bulu Monster is developed by Sigma Game .

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