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Digimon Heroes

Digimon Heroes is an exciting and free card game where you collect, fight and evolve more than 1,000 of your favorite DIGIMON characters! Join the card battle adventure, build your teams, and conquer your enemies all over the Digital World of File Island.

Match cards to fight, heal and execute epic combo moves in unique, strategic Digimon battles. Evolve your Digimon or use fusion to power them up, and launch even more massive attacks!

Strategic Match-3 Card Battles

  • Match Command Cards to form chains and devastate your enemies!
  • Play cards of the same colour to fight, heal and unleash ultra-powerful moves!
  • Fight alongside your favourite Digimon Heroes

Collect Your Favourite Digimon

  • Digimon champions from common to legendary Collect over 1000 of your favourites!

Release Date: 28/01/2016

App Store Rating: 4.5/5

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Digifuse, Digivolve and Limit Break

  • Evolve your Digimon to more powerful forms
  • Digimon fusion powers up your favourite characters
  • Break through your Digimons limits to unleash their full potential

Epic Battles and Special Events

  • Fight your way through File Island and push your team to its limit with epic events and challenges!
  • Battle heroes and take on incredible challenges in an always-evolving online world

Digimon Heroes is the ultimate strategic card game, with all of your favourite Digimon in the fray! Collect cards, battle enemies, and evolve your Digimon to combat the ultimate enemy on File Island!

Download Digimon Heroes and join the card battle today!


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Digimon Heroes is developed by Digimon Heroes.

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