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Dragon City Mobile Lets You Take Your FB Progress on the Go

At first glance, Dragon City seems like an expansion on the concept of Dragonvale. Much of the basic concepts are the same for the two games except that Dragon city has a lot of focus on the combat aspect of the game itself. Another thing about this game is that most people play it for the whole social aspect thing as opposed to the merits of the game itself. So if you are here out of sheer curiosity coming from your friends who also play the game, fret not, most people are the same. The good news is that fans of all things dragon-themed will still find something lovable about the game -mostly through the cute designs of the dragons.

What is Dragon City?

This game is a social networking game that has some dragon-themed battles and town management mechanics mixed in. Sure, Dragon City has its fair share of ?dragon collecting' to be done, but in the end it is all just mindless tapping on buildings, collecting resources, and then prepping a team of three dragons to do battle for you. There is also an open rank PvP option (previously locked to players level 10 and above, but now has no level restrictions), which comes with no penalties for anyone playing but still has a chance for some half-decent rewards.

Release Date: 05/08/2014

App Store Rating: 4.5/5

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Playing this game is pretty simple. You start out in the town and manage your stuff -build structures, check out farms, and do a lot of screen tapping to collect things that appear. It is a mindless gesture that gets tiring to do after a while, but it makes for an interesting distraction when you are bored with something else in real life.

As a "game" Dragon City is not really all that exciting; but as an app or an activity, DC is something else entirely. There is a certain level of addictiveness that this app inspires from people and this is why it is one very successful game for both the Facebook and mobile platforms. Obviously most of the game's chief players are logged into Facebook, but you can just try out the game for fun without linking it to your social networking accounts (until you eventually feel the need to do so).

Checking out the progress of friends, seeing how far everyone has gotten with their various dragon types, and determining the dragon party setup of your potential opponents is an easy task.

The game also offers multiplayer in the form of versus matches. Since there is no way to preview your opponent's team (or even at least their lead dragon in the combat party) it will be hard to prepare a single specialist team to deal with them specifically. While it is also possible to check out your opponent's island in order to review the possible types of structures and which dragons they may have, it is instead better to set up three dragons that are quite adaptive in various battle situations.

That Western Style Appeal

The artwork of the game is a heavy stylized western art that looks like a cross of the same things you would see in Dragonvale with a little bit of that exaggerated Disney-Pixar kind of proportions. If this is the kind of art that you like, then you can expect to find a dragon or two or more that would fit your preferences. Interface-wise, the game could use a little bit of cleaning up. While it has definitely been optimized for the touch screen interface, there are times when the FB-centric design still shows. So it goes without saying that if you like Pokemon, Digimon and expect to see anime-inspired art styles for the monsters, expect to be disappointed instead.

The Verdict: For Facebook

Considering all the other options out there, Dragonvale, Monster Galaxy, and other pet-monster collecting titles, Dragon City is one of the least unique offerings to be found. Still, the gameplay earns a bit of merit for being hard to put away as it always feels like you need to tap on just a few more things every single time (the hallmark of an addictive Flash game). We highly recommend this game to anyone who already plays the game on FB as it brings the game experience on the go.



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Dragon City is developed by socialpoint.

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