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Dragon Mania Legends 2 Needs to Go Deeper Into Its Own Mythos

What are Legends?

In the original game, the legends are simply the more powerful dragon variations you will unlock as you proceed in the game. In this sequel (or prequel), players should be the one carving out their own legends, not the dragons. This should be their legend.

Imagine being able to follow a unique story path that has you constructing and building prototype habitats that serve as the foundation on which all new habitats will be made. You will command dragons and influence them to become domesticated -available for the bidding of their human masters. You will fight the wild and brutal dragon hordes and seek out their hidden and fortified nesting grounds in the effort to not only learn more about them, but be able to transform the dragons from wild beasts to majestic servants.

The best part of all is that all this makes for a very exciting kind of game, the notion that you would have a small handful of dragons under your command as you face hordes and hordes of wild dragons is both a daunting and thrilling task. It will also be significantly different compared to all the other monster-pet games out there.

Start from the Top

Instead of basic starter classes, players should choose between three starter methods of getting the dragons to follow your commands. The first would be through power and force -coercing may seem like a harsh thing, but it works. We can imagine this working through the capture of small dragons and training them while they are young.

The second way to command a dragon is to make it love you and be loyal to you. This tactic often requires adding a gameplay mechanic for charm or charisma, or possibly using the game's town management system to generate resources you can use to bribe dragons with.

Lastly, the third and final option for getting a dragon: make them choose. This is probably the hardest option to choose, but any dragon that joins you does so of their own free will. While this is hard at the start, it gets easier as you progress as having more and stronger dragons on your side will make it seem more attractive to wild dragons. Of course, we are not discounting the fact that there are other methods as well. That's the fun thing about speculations -you never really know which direction the developers will take.

Obviously, More Dragons

Ancient powerful dragons, cute little dragonlings, hot tempered drakes? There is certainly plenty of room in the game for more things. We already love the way the original game introduced a lot of variety for the dragons, but it would be even better if all new types were introduced in this game. After all, games like these still eventually focus on the fact that players want to collect the many different types of dragons. Whether the developers decide to retain the previously available types or not would be an interesting twist as well.