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Game Review: Dragon Mania Legends is all About the Battles

Dragon Mania Legends will have you raising all sorts of dragons, building up a collection of their many different and unique varieties, then having the most powerful of them fight for you. This game is pretty much a crossover between Pokemon and How to Train Your Dragon. In this game, you manage a small town that is fully specialized to raising, housing, breeding, and training dragons. And then you also form a small party of battle-ready dragons that you employ in order to defeat enemies (who also have their own parties of combat-capable dragons).

What is Dragon Mania Legends?

Dragon Mania Legends is a combination of a town management game and a pet monster combat game. In order to build your party of battle dragons, you first need to make sure they have a good home. The game is split into two basic game modes. In one mode, players manage a town by building structures, ensuring dragons are housed and fed, keeping up with their training, and other such details. The other game mode is the battles. Here, players fight off Viking invaders by defeating their trained battle dragons.

Switching around between the two modes feels seamless -especially near the start of the game. You have stuff on queue and then you can go do a few battles. By the time you get back to the management screen, new structures will be waiting for you. Later on, this becomes impossible as the time it takes to finish tasks take pretty long.

Release Date: 17/11/2015

App Store Rating: 4.5/5

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Combat and Management

The battles are simplistic affairs that often involve you grinding levels so much that you mostly overpower your enemies through sheer force. But there are plenty of occasions where you face off against equal or even stronger-leveled foes and that is where strategizing and tactics will help you pull off a victory.

The town management is a lot less action packed, but it is very detail oriented, and players must pay close attention to the various stats and elements of their habitats. Since each dragon type has its own elemental traits, these must be matched to the right kind of house. You cannot expect a fire type dragon to be happy living in the middle of a deep lake. So players must spend the time and energy to get houses and food sources built. And by time and energy, we meant you queue up a task then leave the game alone for a couple of hours. There are plenty of wait times in the game (same goes for all processes like breeding), so expect to get tempted to eke out a bit of cash for some premium items. This is an F2P game so expect it.


The art for the game is pretty nice -it basically looks like 2D variations of the dragons in the Dreamworks CGI film (which has its own official tie-in game that puts you in control of Berk, and the gameplay is quite similar to DM Legends). There are plenty of dragon to find, discover, and of course, breed. They are mostly pretty cute, with some looking very, very silly, and there are those high tier dragons that really look like high tier dragons (embellishments and all).

The rest of the visuals are decent; the interface is easy to navigate, the town buildings all look distinctively unique, and you can easily manage your party of dragons. The different dragon types will make you keep wanting to see what else you can unlock as finding a design that fits your aesthetic standards becomes a personal quest that is enjoyable in its own right.

The Verdict: Obviously, You Like Dragons

The title sets it out in the open, this game is about dragons. So if dragons are the kind of monster you like, then this is a great choice. Otherwise, there are plenty of other monster-pet themed games out there for you to experiment with. There are no humanoid-ish characters, nor dragons that look like animals. These are all variations on the magical creature; those that look like salamanders, or the medieval classic dragons, or the long and snake-like oriental type dragons, there are those that stand on two legs, those that walk on all fours, and more. Dragon Mania Legends does not hold back on giving players a whole load of dragons to enjoy.

Rating: 87/100


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Dragon Mania Legends is developed by Gameloft .

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