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EvoCreo is a Kickstarter-Bred Pokemon Clone

Not many games get out of Kickstarter in a good way -most campaigns fail and the few that manage to reach their target can get caught up in delays, bad final releases that don't live up to the promises, or even worse, cancellation. EvoCreo managed to deliver everything it promised -of course, the campaign itself was set for an pretty low goal of just 2,000 USD (comparatively speaking). And yes, the fact remains that the game is incredibly simple and at best, a knock-off of a major gaming series. Still, EvoCreo brings the gameplay and feel of oldschool Pokemon titles like Ruby, Jade, and Sapphire to the mobile device, which is something a lot of the genre's fans will certainly appreciate.

What is EvoCreo?

EvoCreo is set in the fictional world of Zenith where monsters are called Creos. These wild creatures can be tamed and trained and used in combat against other Creos. In the middle of all this is the player character, a gender-customizable blank identity that must journey in the world in search of their father from the clutches of an organization called ShadowHive (which is blatantly being portrayed as the very obvious antagonist group in the game -also, ShadowHive's operatives seem to have better costumes than the lead character).

The game starts off innocently enough -with the player character choosing between 3 Creos for a starting partner and then exploring the world. Pretty soon, players will find themselves encountering a variety of other Creos out in the wild. These new Creos can be captured and turned into the player character's team.

If all that sounds vaguely familiar, it is because it should be. The game is literally mirroring the basic concepts of Pokemon down to the simplistic, overhead view for the exploration parts of the game and the menu driven combat.

Release Date: 25/10/2015

App Store Rating: 4.3/5

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Totally Not Squirtle

As expected, the combat mechanics with elemental types is followed. The same goes with the RPG-ish elements and many others. But those things we see in other clones as well. The thing that really gets subversive with this game is that even the monster visuals (which is usually what is very different from other clone games) looks heavily like the source material. Yes, the Creos in EvoCreo look highly suspiciously like Pokemon. There are stand in monsters for Squirtle, Evee, and all your favorite Pokemon. Even the lead character (if male) looks like he stole Ash Ketchum's clothes.

The even sadder part is that the artwork, despite being so beautifully colored, looks like your typical amateur level western fan art of Japanese anime. It gets down to the point where the main draw of the game is simply the fact that there is no official port of any of the Pokemon games for the mobile platform short of running a console emulator on an Android.

The Verdict: Still Tries Hard

The developers behind the game are pretty talented, and it is obvious that they managed to get a lot of things done for a game with a limited development cost. EvoCreo is not a bad game but it has its share of failings. The combat is solid and consistent -there is even a charge meter mechanic that separates it from other combat gimmicks in other games. But the end result is still the same thing, and it still has the flaw of getting repetitive later on in the game. The music, despite being original and unique, is not all that catchy or even memorable -you can easily forget the tunes the moment you step away from the game. Lastly, despite the fact that the game is not a free game, it still has its share of IAP content in the form of premium gems that help speed things along -which for us, is a ridiculous cheapshot since a paid game should be a complete experience that should not encourage pointless F2P practices. So if you were looking for a Pokemon clone for the mobile, you should know what to expect before diving into this game.



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EvoCreo is developed by ilmfinity .

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