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Top 10 Games Like Pokemon on Mobile Android Devices


This is the game we recommend for those of you who want the closest approximation of Pokemon X and Y on the Android. Micromon is no slouch when it comes to making itself look like the famous game. From the world exploration, to the character designs, and even to the monster types. You get to see all the key Pokemon elements here (yes, it is pretty surprising that Nintendo's lawyers are not trying to attack this game at all). Of course, being a simple clone, there are moments in Micromon's gameplay that make it appear a little less than consistently stellar, but that is not a bad tradeoff for being able to play Pokemon on your Android.


While Micromon is all about the newer games, EvoCreo copies the style and aesthetics of the Sapphire, Ruby, and Emerald games. This game literally bleeds nostalgia -so those of you who have played the early DS to the GBA era titles will find this nothing short of charming and fun to play. Even the music feels like it was designed to be used on those systems. The game's evolution system also pays homage to the item based transformations for some of the Pokemon.

Duel Revolution

It is easy to make a joke about taking out all of Pokemon's game assets and turning it into a mobile game, but it seems like the folks at Duel Revolution had the same idea and actually ran with it. Duel Revolution's game designers obviously took a long hard look at how the visuals for Pokemon style games are made and delivered an amazing app that will make you wonder if it was designed by Nintendo employees moonlighting in app game development (no they are not). The way it copies the older games is a bit more tongue in cheek than EvoCreo, but this game is enough to make you feel like you are running an emulation of Pokemon itself.


Moving away from the clones and into a more unique game, Monstercrafter is not really "like" Pokemon -both in aesthetics and core mechanics. In this game, you use Minecraft inspired mechanics to build your own monster and have them fight other monsters. But the cool thing is that you build monsters with blocks -and that means you can make pixel by pixel recreations of some of Pokemon's best monsters. One drawback is that there is a limit to the size of the monster you can build some big monsters like Snorlax are hard to copy. But mainstays like Pikachu, Purin, and company are easy to recreate.

Beastie Bay

Kairosoft's monster game will easily remind you of Pokemon with its sprite based artwork, but a lot of gameplay elements are pretty unique to the game dev's core designs. Of course, you would need to be a fan of Kairosoft's other game to see the basic management pattern present. Beastie Bay is fun to play, whether you are a fan of Pokemon style genre or not, which is why it belongs in this list as it is also a great starting point for players who are new to the genre. One thing though, expect to be buried in layers of menu commands as there is a lot of content to go through in this game, But if you master it, you will enjoy the thrill of battling other pixel-made monsters.

Monster Hunt: Revolution

Going back to another straightforward Pokemon clone, "Monster Hunt: Revolution" is another take on the old-school colored games. The visuals look like they belong for the SNES with the way the sprites are shaded and rendered. The battles are pretty easy to win as long as you have high enough leveled monsters so expect a bit of grinding here. The good thing is that this game does not have much in terms of IAP since it is fully paid app. Like the other entries on this list, you can pretty much sum this game up as an Android emulation of the series.

Terapets 2

The game's official marketing tag says it all "Online Pokemon Game". But no, this is not an official Nintendo licensed game so you will not be seeing Charizard, Bulbasaur, Meowth or any of the other Pokemon here. Instead, you get weird redesigns that were obviously based on existing Pokemon, a few cheap palettes-swap knockoffs, and some rather reaching attempts at making completely new and cute monsters. The gameplay, however, is pretty solid and interesting, which makes this game an excellent way to kill some free time if an actual Pokemon game is not available. The only big drawback here is that it is online-centric, so some of you may not like that at all.

Mighty Monsters

Mighty Monsters is game that is a lot like Pokemon, but it obviously is not. Unlike other game on this list that tries to copy the style and feel of Pokemon, Mighty Monsters simply copies the mechanics and general idea of the series. For its overall design however, Mighty Monsters looks like one of those odd Nickelodeon animated shows. If you are seeking a full Pokemon substitute (and that includes the aesthetics of Japanse game design with their cute chibi monsters) then this game will certainly disappoint. Instead if you like the aesthetics of Adventure Time, Southpark, and other western animated fare, but seek the gameplay of Pokemon, then Mighty Monsters is for you.

Monster Life

Gameloft has certainly made the least Pokemon-like entry to this list but also deserves as spot since this game is exactly what Pokemon would end up like if it were remade from the ground up as an IAP-centric F2P title. Visually, this game is not bad, the monsters come in lots of variety and a lot of them look cute. The actual mechanics are also fun and addictive. But where this game falls down flat on is the fact that you will eventually run into a paywall in order to get some progress -that is, if you do not want to spend too much time having to grind what should be a simple casual mobile app game.

Tap Tap Monsters

Tap Tap Monsters, with its silly tapping mechanic for combat, makes it to this list for having monsters that look like they belong in Pokemon. Sure, the actual game itself is a little cut apart from the world-exploration mechanics of Pokemon, but the visual design feels like it was designed by the same folks at Hal Laboratories (for those of you wondering, Hal Laboraties handled a lot of development for Pokemon and was originally founded by the late, iconic, former Nintendo President, Satoru Iwata). Plus the tapping thing is a lot of fun and plenty challenging, it also makes for a nice change of pace from all the other Pokemon style games you will find.