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Mino Monsters 2 Evolution has Good Combat, Terrible IAP System

Pokemon is still, on its very basic level, a JRPG. So that means that outside of the randomized menu-driven battles, players are off in the world exploring hither and yon. While that is a staple for the genre, it does not always lend itself well to the mobile platform -not when you are the kind of player who does not have the patience for exploration and simply wants to get into the next fight as soon as possible. Mino Monsters 2: Evolution has a gameplay structure that is designed for players who just want to see monsters face off against each other. The result is a pretty impressive game with great Nintendo-inspired delivery for the mobile platform, though sadly it also has some issues with IAP.

What is Mino Monsters 2: Evolution?

MM2 is all about picking a monster, winning in battles, then gaining even more powerful and cuter looking monsters to have at your disposal. Each general area of the game is subdivided into several battle stages that you advance through one at a time. Once you accomplish all stages in an area, you move on to the next. Naturally, each new battle will be harder than the last as you will be facing stronger and higher level monsters. The game does allow you to return to previously finished stages and grind your levels in order to gain an advantage against future targets.

The game starts off on pretty familiar ground: you choose one monster among three possible starting options (each one with a different elemental strength and weakness). And from there, you slowly increase your party of available monsters by defeating the ones you face.

Release Date: 22/12/2015

App Store Rating: 4.2/5

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It Looks Just Like...!

Mino Monsters 2: Evolution is a wonderfully animated game -something that a lot of players will love and appreciate as seeing these wonderful pet monsters come to life onscreen is always satisfying. Battles are done from a perspective a little off to the back and side of your monster in fully animated details -just like in Pokemon Black and White other later titles. Actually, we have to say that Mino Monster's animation details far surpass that of the older Pokemon titles -many of the monsters have a lot of unique animation keyframes when charging up attacks that makes them feel even more alive during battle.

The attack effects also look pretty well done, they do pale in comparison with other particle effects seen in other similar titles, but that's mostly because they are kept uniform in look and feel with the art style. The visual style itself is a mix of Cartoon Network-style stylized (think Timm or Tartakovsky) and something that is obviously inspired by anime-style art.

Don't Forget, This is F2P

As interesting as all this is, Mino Monsters 2: Evolution is chock full of stuff that makes the game un-fun. Despite the fact that a battle-only Pokemon style game should be giving you hours and hours of action-centric fun, MM2 does not. Health Potions, Item Chests, special events, and of course, premium currency (in the form of Gems) will constantly bar and limit your progress. Sure, grinding is a definite option for those of you who are patient, and the game's excellent delivery makes it actually worth the effort to play -but at the end of the day, the constant way that the game nags players to purchase something can get rather annoying.

The Verdict: Better than the First One

The only thing that the first Mino Monsters game did better was that it was less naggy about the premium stuff -but for everything else, Mino Monsters 2: Evolution really does live up to the title. This game is a massive upgrade on the original and provides players with an excellent to have on their devices. Yes, the IAPs can be annoying, but even a bit of a purchase will also help you get far (just use the gems wisely). The visual aesthetic is not exactly on par with Pokemon, but the level of detail and fluidity of animation makes this game a class of its own.



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Mino Monsters 2 Evolution is developed by Mino Monsters .

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