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Miscrits World of Creatures

Join over 20 million players as you explore the majestic open worlds of Miscrit in this epic creature-collecting role-playing adventure game!

Miscrits: World of Creatures invites players to experience a deeper level of gaming on mobile. Packed with rich inventive content, it is great for both the casual and hard core players alike.

Release Date: 27/11/2015

App Store Rating: 4.2/5

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  • Capture, train, evolve, and battle over 400 incredible creatures
  • Build your perfect Miscrit team and battle other players in the live PVP Battle Arena
  • Explore more than 10 completely open worlds where you can find rare and mysterious new creatures
  • Watch as your Miscrits evolve into more powerful forms and learn incredible new abilities
  • Battle epic bosses, defeat Magicites and Elementums, and fight your way to Apollo Nox
  • Customize your adventurer and unlock the mysteries of the World of Miscrit
  • Complete hundreds of quests, collect special items and find rare Miscrits no one else has
  • Equip powerful relics, magic potions, and more


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Miscrits World of Creatures is developed by Miscrits .

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