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Monster Galaxy Should Do Its Own Thing

The Mogas in Monster Galaxy are named after the title of the game. You capture them, make them stronger, then have them fight in battles. It is a simple formula but it works particularly well thanks to the great artsyle, good fighting mechanics, and presentable visuals. So yes, it is basically just like Pokemon but still different enough to be enjoyable by itself. So this game works regardless if you were hoping for either a substitute for the Nintendo game or you wanted to try it on its own merits.

What is Monster Galaxy?

Monster Galaxy is a very simple game where players must capture various Moga and fight other Moga. Battles are turn based affairs with commands made available on screen -players must determine the course of action that their Moga will perform in each turn in order to win against the enemy. In order to win, it is important to check out the game's Zodiac system. It basically works just like Pokemon's massive table of elemental resistances and strengths, but instead of the typical elements, Monster Galaxy makes use of astrological signs.

It is not a new thing in terms of mechanics (this is still a variation of the old rock-papers-scissors you would get from dealing with elemental stats), but actually seeing something different is already something worth praising. Far too many Pokeclones make use of the old fire-water-plant (and others) element relationships in order to create a system for explaining which monsters fare better against others. The whole Zodiac thing feels new and interesting in its own way -as players tend to start looking for power monsters that share their own Zodiac sign, they are driven further to play and enjoy the game.

Light and Easy

The overall challenge of the game is fairly easy, past the initial pseudo-tutorial, you step into the game ready to play. The monsters look cute and cuddly and you must fight them off in 2D battles where they stand one each side of the screen. The menu below provides all the possible actions as well as buttons for item use and running away. Aside from taking note of the Moga's different zodiac attributes, there also other stats as well as elemental affinity for various skills for players to take note of. Getting the hang of this all takes only a few easy battles.

Release Date: 19/03/2013

App Store Rating: 4.5/5

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There are points in the game that feel a little rough and unpolished, but that is fine. The game is actually a mobile port with its original incarnation being a browser based game. Still, the game has enough pop-up menus and explanations to make the lack of a mouse cursor easier to deal with. Another good thing is that the buttons seem to have been adjusted in order to suit larger screen-tapping needs.

The pace of the game is broken up into small missions -often objectives given to you by various NPCs. As you go through these various plot points, you learn more about the game and enjoy it better. It also helps that the visuals and sound work are fairly nice. The music is actually nice to listen to, with most of the melodies being your typical cutesy fare. The art for the monsters have this rawness and pixel-sprite-ish appeal that is suited to the aesthetic preferences of a wide range of players. The only thing that could use a bit more work is the text which feels a little too Flash-like in some instances.

The Verdict: Migrate from the Browser

If you have been playing this game in its original browser based form, then you already know what to expect. Still, the mobile version of Monster Galaxy is good enough to warrant existing players to give it enough of a chance. The art and music are good, the controls are easy to learn, and the overall monster collecting experience feels solid right from the start of the game. If you have been worried about the presence of IAP content, fret not. While premium items are indeed available, you can also farm them manually from the game. The only odd thing here is that the grinding will eventually get a little repetitive -but that is not really a surprise for games like these.

Rating: 89/100


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Monster Galaxy is developed by Gaia Online .

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