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Monster Legends Differs Little from Dragon City

The gameplay of Monster Legends is a lot like Dragon City -for better or for worse. The upside is that the game mechanics should feel pretty familiar to anyone who has played the other app, or if not, ML's Facebook version. This mobile game is a faithful recreation of its browser based counterpart, but with some graphical improvements and a better input system (this point and click based game certainly lends itself heartily to the touchscreen). The cool thing is that Legends' graphics and visual designs are a step up from Dragon City (but not significantly so) making it a pretty good game to play regardless if you have played the other game or are just starting out in the genre.

What is Monster Legends?

In Monster Legends, players take charge of a small territory where they must build various structures for monsters -habitats for monsters to live in, farms to grow food, etc. Unlike other monster-pet themed games where you gain new units by capturing, this is a game where you must breed monsters to gain better units. And by breeding, we literally mean pairing them up and having two monsters parent a child.

There are no stats for monster gender -so any pair can work (and also takes away any tedious explanations you might have to give to your younglings if they decide to play this game). The game focuses heavily on the breeding aspect as it provides a significant bonus to the later generation of monsters. Players should take into account the various elemental traits, skills, and other latent abilities of the monsters they choose to pair up; many of these traits get passed down to the child monster and will give you a greater edge in combat.

Release Date: 12/12/2013

App Store Rating: 4.4/5

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Town Management with Monster Combat

The game basically has two main modes -in one part, you are managing your monster city. You will have to allocate resources, determine which structure your singular worker will build or upgrade (the number of workers can only be increased with premium purchases), ensure that all monsters have enough food to eat and room to live in, manage your active party of fighters, and of course, breed new monsters. The town itself tends to be quite colorful as each new structure built tends to have its own theme and style. The structures are animated too, often showing you the little visuals of the monsters doing their thing.

Combat is a menu driven 2D affair. Your party takes up one side of the screen while your opponents are on the other end. There's a quick menu on the bottom allowing you to choose from the various moves and functions that you can perform. For the most part, combat is simply a matter of ensuring that you have a good grasp on the rock-paper-scissors system of elemental strengths and weaknesses. But as you get stronger monsters with more varied elemental traits, you will also need to rely on a combination of tactical skill usage and sheer brute force.

Competitive Community

Once a player reaches a certain minimum level, they are able to participate in PvP battles. As it says, PvP will have you fighting against the monster teams of other players in the game. It is not as easy as it looks -as even targeting players on the same level can provide a challenging experience (not to mention that some players loaded with premium advantages can gain good monsters quickly). If you plan on targeting the leaderboards for Monster Legends, we highly encourage checking out the game's various premium packages to help you get started.

The Verdict: Always Room for More

The fact that Monster Legends is basically Dragon City with a less specific theme does not make it an inherently bad game. There are plenty of monster-slash-city management games out there that share similar gameplay features and mechanics. So all it really boils down to is which one has the aesthetic features that you like best. On that department, Monster Legends holds its ground -the visuals are nice and neat. It is not hard to imagine that there are players that would like the way the various monsters look and act in the game. It also does not hurt that the rudimentary animations in the game's battle mode are well polished.



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Monster Legends is developed by Socialpoint.

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