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Monster Squad is Not Quite as Good as It Could Be

Monster Squad really is just another pet monster themed free-to-play game for mobile players. The good news is that it is pretty decent as a game with the clean graphics, manageable gameplay, and low spec needs (there is not much in terms of hi-fidelity visuals, so do not worry about your mobile phone having trouble running this). Of course, like other games in the same boat, it also suffers from the same flaws that are present in any F2P title. This right here should tell you fast enough whether this game is worth it or not. If you are highly patient with F2P mechanics or have not been in the mobile gaming scene much, then Monster Squad may be pretty fun. On the other hand, if you are tired of F2P stuff from other mobile titles we suggest moving on.

What is Monster Squad?

This Nexon-made mobile game is all about making a team of really powerful monsters. No really, we tried to pay attention to the story but it all just zipped past us like the forgettable rabble that it is. This monster game is just about the monsters and the combat and nothing else.

What stands out from this game is the constant battles. Stages are actually composed of several fights against several enemy parties. Your team constantly moves towards the right of the screen and will have to be commanded to defeat anything in their way. Players are given several control buttons on the lower right of the screen which allows you to tap out a command to your monster party. Make a good set of choices and you get to move on.

Release Date: 19/10/2014

App Store Rating: 4.3/5

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Battle Balance

Want to know who will win in a match? That is fairly easy: just check the stats. The raw levels alone are a great indicator of who will win in a fight. The second value is the party size -a full party will be able to easily overpower a single enemy while if you are outnumbered by enemies of similar levels, you are likely to lose.

This does not mean much for strategizing when you have an uber type unit from a premium pull -but it still helps to pay attention to the combat. This is because even strong units need to be leveled up manually and there is a lot that can be learned in the AI battles which will prove useful against human made party setups.

The versus mode is pretty easy to play -you simply pick a target then you automatically fight. The AI will control the team owned by the other player and depending on whether you win or lose, points are either added or deducted to you. Simple in concept, yes, but expect the need to grind pretty hard as the community in this game (like many others) is quite competitive. Of course, if you have already played a lot of mobile games, there is almost always an upper tier of players for any game with premium content. So if you want to rise up the ranks, you will have to spend.


The music in this game, like many others, is quite forgettable. In fact, you might be better off turning down the volume just to save up on your battery usage. As for the visuals, they're not so bad -if you enjoy the typical Korean-esque aesthetics of the game. For those of you looking for the cute and cool approach of games like Pokemon and Digimon, expect to see a slightly different kind of cute here. The lines are pretty thick and the designs are simple, but they are appealing in their own way -especially since the game is animated pretty smartly that you can easily appreciate the different monsters when they fight.

The Verdict: Always Another Island to Complete

As you hop from one island to the next, battling several team variations of the game's 500 different monsters, it is hard to deny the fact that Monster Squad's fun will eventually get repetitive. The thing that holds back this inevitable tide however, is the fact that it will take you quite a bit of time to fully go through all the unique monsters in that list of 500. Of course, do not think that all 500 are special and worth looking at. Some monsters are basically rehashes of previous one there are a few of them that seem to be there only as filler.



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Monster Squad is developed by Nexonm.

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