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Monster Warlord is a Tedious, Menu Driven Chore to Play

Monster collecting games have been around for quite some times now (Pokemon just celebrated its 20th anniversary ?which explains the presence of a significant number of adults who appreciate and love the genre), and there are plenty of big names ranging from Digimon to Yugi-Oh to the more recent Youkai Watch that dominate the genre. Still, there is plenty of room in the industry for games on the mobile platform and it usually does not take more than the most rudimentary of gameplay mechanics be supplemented by really cute or cool looking monsters to make the title worth playing, sadly, Monster Warlord completely misses the mark.

What is Monster Warlord?

Monster Warlord is a game about collecting various monsters and using them to fight other monsters. You can consume weaker monsters by fusing them into your stronger monsters (allowing the stronger ones to become even more powerful). The game is mostly mission based, but there is also a PvP feature that allows you to fight against the monsters of other players as well. One of the game's nicer features is the presence of raid bosses. These special boss monsters will stick around for 24 hours ?if it is not defeated in that time, it will run away, but if you do manage to bring it down, it often has a pretty nice reward.

All actions in the game are limited to the number of stamina points you have present. Regular missions consume regular stamina, while a second set of stamina points are used for fighting against boss type monsters or other players.

Release Date: 16/12/2015

App Store Rating: 4.3/5

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Where it Goes Wrong

On paper, Monster Warlord sounds like a pretty atypical mobile game. This is even true for its F2P content -since the game has limited actions through stamina, there is a lot of in-game nagging for you to purchase gems in order to do things faster. That, despite being an annoying feature, is already expected of the game (that's just how most free games work).

What makes Monster Warlod not fun to play is the fact that you do not really get to do anything at all. The game's "do it" button does everything for you -fight enemy AI, fuse monsters, battle other players. You tap on "do it" and it is done. The lack of active combat actions you can perform makes you feel detached from the monsters and the game itself. Other games would have you providing real time tactical commands to your monsters, allowing you to help push the tide of battle with wit and skill -instead of relying on raw stats on every encounter.


Visually, the game is pretty nice. The menus are laid out decently (though it could use a bit of streamlining), and the monster design is well made. It has been heavily influenced by the stylized monsters of Japanese games like Digimon, so expect a lot of cute or cool monster designs.

Mechanics-wise, the game is far too streamlined and the lack of manual control over battles is the core reason why this game ends up as a massive bore since all you do is wait for stuff to finish. While we appreciate the fact that the game lets players skip the combat animations (which speeds up the grinding), the lack of fluidity in the interaction with the monsters makes everything you do in the game feel like a chore.

The Verdict: It Could Be Better

The fact that Monster Warlord falls prey to two types of game issues is a bad thing. As an F2P title, it is already subject to a lot of annoying issues -want to fight more? Use gems. Want to fuse more monsters? Use gems. It feels nagging and annoying, but at least it is a downside that most mobile gamers can learn to be tolerant of, especially if the core gameplay itself is fun. And that is where MW falls apart, the core gameplay is a whole pile of nothing. Despite what seems to be very deep and complex tutorial, it all boils down to a rock-paper-scissors mechanic that has been so stripped down to its barest form that it no longer even feels like a game, just an app with cute monsters and some buttons to push every once and a while.



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Monster Warlord is developed by With Hive .

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