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Mutant Fighting Cup 2

The beasts are back in Mutant Fighting Cup 2! BIGGER! BETTER! MORE FEARSOME THAN EVER! Evolve, mutate and train your monsters to win the monster championship in hard brutal turn-based strategy battles!

Release Date: 07/07/2016

App Store Rating: 4.5/5

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  • FIGHT! Take on monstrous opponents and powerful bosses across the globe!
  • TRAIN! Choose your dog or cat animal and command them in combat!
  • EVOLVE! Use mutant genes to change breed and gain awesome new abilities!
  • METAMORPHOSIS! Mix and match genes to unlock over 1 million creature combinations!
  • STRATEGY! Use skills and power ups wisely in extreme RPG tournaments!
  • PVP! Challenge your friends to player-vs-player multiplayer action!
  • WIN! Win trophies, achievements and compete with players on the leader boards!
  • Evolve your monster and win the Mutant Fighting Cup!


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Mutant Fighting Cup 2 is developed by Ace Viral.

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