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How to Bring Pokemon Tower Defense 2 to Mobile

Despite the fact that the mobile platform is no stranger to the presence of games that makes use of licensed content without permission, Sam and Dan's highly successful PTD series is taking a more unconventional route to getting into the Android platform: manually. SnD allows players to download an Android installer of the game. This is just a straight from web-conversion however and not something built from the ground up, and as thus, the current pseudo-port has plenty of compatibility issues and bugs. Still, this is great news for anyone who has ever hoped to play PTD2 on their mobile devices.

A Great Game Deserves an Audience

What makes Pokemon Tower Defense 2 such a great game is the fact that even if you take away the Pokemon-related themes, you still end up with an amazing game engine and fun gameplay. PTD2 is nothing like Nintendo games they were based on -it uses the same characters, creatures, items, and even battle skills, but the way each and every single one of these has been used in the game is completely different. The Pokemon skin just helps the game reach a bigger audience.

Release Date: 27/05/2015

App Store Rating: 5.0/5

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Ready for Mobile

Obviously, a Flash based game has a lot of reprogramming to undergo if it will be brought over to the Android or iOS platform. While there are convertors, the best way to go is to rebuild the code. Simply put, the developers have to create the game from ground up. This is not going to be an easy process -hopefully, most of the assets are future-proofed (specifically, high resolution raws for images). Much of the text content can be transferred as is. And of course, the most difficult part would have to be the programming.

This is quite a lot to ask for, and it will certainly take some time. But there is no doubt that if the developers do decide to take that route, a lot of fans will be happy.

Better Version

As fun as the browser version of the game is, there are a lot of features that are just better on a mobile device. The first is obviously the touch based controls. While a direct controller input is better for a lot of game genres, PTD2's mechanics lend themselves better to a touch interface. From dragging Pokemon across the screen to throwing Pokeballs at targeted creatures, being able to tap is so much more intuitive and natural than having to click.

Another great thing about mobiles is that once a game is optimized for a system, it will run quite smoothly -even eliminating much of the jerkiness that can occur with running Flash. This will enhance the playing experience on the browser which, at its current version, still has several performance issues especially when it comes to loading lots of visuals and animations.

Going Standalone

Pokemon Tower Defense 2 is good enough to be a standalone game -that certainly helps if your browser is inherently slow. But taking the big trip to be ported officially to a mobile platform is a completely different step altogether. Considering how good the game is, how many fans play it, and the way that the game is continuously supported by an active community and developers who actually care enough to keep providing new content; there is no doubt that a major port will not only have a huge following of players migrating to the new system, but it will certainly attract the attention and love of new players as well.

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Pokemon Tower Defense 2 is developed by Sam Games.

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