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Terapets 2

Lately, some strange events have been happening in Teraland... On the one side, many Terapets have been missing. What is weirdest of all is that some of the monsters reappear looking a bit ?different?. On the other side, some characters in white coats have appeared and nobody knows exactly what they are doing.

Can you solve the mystery and find the missing Terapets?

Release Date: 21/09/2015

App Store Rating: 4.5/5

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  • Capture hundreds of PETS by playing their unique melody with your OCARINA
  • Use one of the 7 OCARINAS to rescue and capture as many TERAPETS as you can
  • Create your own fighting MONSTER TEAM with up to 6 Pets
  • Train your monster team to level up characteristics up to level 100
  • Choose your Terapets wisely among the 17 BASIC TYPES and their 289 combinations to create YOUR OWN FIGHTING STRATEGY
  • Learn new attacks as you level up. Strength is not always the most important thing, some attacks level up characteristics, while some put to sleep or freeze your opponent
  • Make your Terapets EVOLVE into new monster to change your Terapet and level up their characteristics (Some Terapets may evolve up to 7 times)
  • Use Objects, on and off the fight and battle
  • Add to every Terapet the Item you desire, according to your strategy, to increase their skills
  • Explore the whole Teraland and solve all its mysteries, explore the zones where you will find plenty of enigmas, battles and wild Terapets
  • Discover what?s happening in Teraland and recover the missing beast Creatures
  • Capture the strange Spiritual Monster, only found in small zones and very difficult to get
  • If you are able to, capture all the Monsters (305) and fill the JOURNAL completely
  • Face your friends from all over the world using the MULTIPLAYER MODE


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Terapets 2 is developed by Tik Tak Games .

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