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Terra Monsters 2 Feels Even More Like Pokemon

Terra Monsters 2 should look and play plenty familiar to many gamers -even if you have never played the first Terra Monsters game. That's because it pretty much follows the basic structure of Pokemon you roam the world through an overhead view, get engaged in battles, then you make use of a team of your own tamed monsters to defeat enemies. This game is basically the mobile version of Pokemon, without the Pokemon brand. The game features cute monsters, a decent combat system, and a pretty fair gameplay system despite having IAPs.

What is Terra Monsters 2?

Terra Monsters 2 is an RPG where players take on the role of a character who is able to bond with monsters. With this unique ability, the players must venture forth and save the world of Afer from destruction which basically involves getting into battles and having the monsters you tame fight for you. The plotline is pretty basic it is your typical save-everything RPG shtick, and the combat is nothing new (if you have played Pokemon, you already have a clue how this whole game works).

The bulk of charm and pull that this game has on players lies on one thing and one thing alone: cute monsters. If nicely drawn and animated 2D monsters are your thing, then you are in luck as Terra Monsters 2 has those by the bucketload. Your Pokemon Trainer or rather, Terra Rancher is responsible for forming teams of three monsters into a party and then using their skills in order to adapt to wide range of situations. As one would expect, you gain stronger and better monsters the further you progress into the game.

Release Date: 21/03/2015

App Store Rating: 4.2/5

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Good IAP

Since Terra Monsters 2 is a free game, it has its share of IAP content. The cool part is that it never truly feels too restrictive or unfair you can make a purchase to remove ads, or for consumable items. Basically, instead of being a pay to win game, players are not forced by the developers to pay money that is what the ads are for. While the ads can be obstrusive, it makes for a great tradeoff as it never feels as if there is game content being kept hidden behind a paywall.

Since the 100% capture items are paid content, it does make the game a little easier to play if you are will to fork up the cash, but even without paying, there is still a small percentage of success when attempting to capture super rare monsters. And even then, only a very small handful of monsters are truly hard to capture.

Pretty Big Game

Unlike other RPGs on mobile platforms that rely on online content for padding, Terra Monsters 2 is perfectly fine as it is to play offline. Though it does feature a PvP arena for players wanting to face off more challenging opponents, the single player experience is pretty fun and rewarding as it is. Content wise, there is plenty to do. The game features an open-world style map, though this is actually a little more linear that it seems your progression is basically limited by your own monster party's battle power. Of course, there are tons of monsters to battle and tame which is what will be consuming most of your time.

The Verdict: You Know What to Expect

The good thing about Terra Monsters 2 (and the previous game) is that it knows what it is: a Pokemon clone. So instead of trying really hard and wasting effort covering that up, it does the opposite by embracing the legacy of capturing cute monsters for players to use. The result is a wonderful mobile game that gamers would enjoy as it really does its best to simulate a Pokemon style game with its delivery and combat. If collecting monsters and having them fight is your kind of game, then Terra Monsters 2 should be the perfect pick for you.



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Terra Monsters 2 is developed by Social Titans LLC.

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