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Tiny Monsters Sticks to a Good Mobile Game Formula

It is hard to fully love Tiny Monster, the creatures you see in the game are cute, the gameplay is straightforward, and the it is pretty honest with the greedy cashgrabs (it is an F2P so that is to be expected). While all those things are pretty good, in the end, the whole experience of playing this game can leave you wondering what you really want to get out of it. There is a certain level of addiction encouraged in the way that you are made to wait and keep checking back on the progress of your monster hatchery-slash-town, and that certainly gives the game a sense of playability. The real question is: is this game truly fun?

What is Tiny Monsters?

Tiny Monsters is a monster breeding and raising game. You create habitats which provide monsters will places to live in. These habitats have various elemental traits so you will need a variety of habitats in order to for your different monsters to have a place to call home. Next you need you build farms that will provide food for your monsters. Then you need to build other things that will help your monsters grow, get stronger, and even breed with each other.

It is a painfully slow and somewhat tedious town management game with a lot of cute monster creatures (well, we say cute, but the art style is not really all that much to out liking). While the game is obviously inspired by Pokemon, the graphics look more like rejected Disney artworks -but we will get into that later. This is an F2P game, and much of the slow progress will be attributed to the fact that you will need to wait for your buildings to get built and your monsters to do whatever it is they need to do. That's hours and hours of waiting right there, so expect to need a lot of patience and tolerance when playing this.

Release Date: 30/01/2015

App Store Rating: 4.2/5

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Gameplay and Delivery

What makes this game less like Pokemon and more like Dragonvale is the fact that combat is nonexistent. This is not about making monsters fight, it is about expanding and making your town grow. This is no easy feat. As we have just mentioned, the building process is pretty wait-extensive. And you will need to be building a lot of stuff. For one thing, habitants are not directly built -you will need to clear out the land in order to have space. The process of clearing up land already takes time -let alone building the structure.

As we have said, the monsters, tiny they may be, still need special habitats. While players start out with basic structures, they will later build bigger versions (especially for habitats) for larger monsters. This also means being able to make more farms in order to ensure that none of the monsters ever starve.

Bad Copycat?

Is Tiny Monsters a copy of another game? Pretty much, yes. Tiny Monsters is very similar in style and mechanics to Dragonvale. But is that a bad thing? Not really. A ton of mobile games are facsimiles of one another, even when made by completely different developers. And that is because it is not rare for other developers to try and duplicate the success of certain games. For the mobile gamers, this creates an environment where you can choose among several games with the roughly the same game mechanic but each has different themes and aesthetic styles. So in the end, it all boils down to having a specific preference.

The Verdict: It is Addictive

Fun is too strong a word to describe Tiny Monsters. It is amusing, entertaining, and it will certainly have you wondering what task to do next. But the reality is that you are just building a small town without much of anything other than a few monsters milling about. There is no multiplayer functionality in this game so visiting other players or hoping for daily refills is out of the picture. The bottom line is that Tiny Monsters is a great way to pass away the time and there are bits of satisfaction to be had with the reward driven gameplay. But it is not really "fun" in the essence that you feel fulfilled -a concept most casual mobile gamers should be quite familiar with.



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Tiny Monsters is developed by Tiny Co .

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