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Kingdom RushKingdom Rush game

Tower defense is a difficult genre to stand out it, but Kingdom Rush manages to do so with a visually-pleasing cartoon style. Defend your medieval kingdom against onslaughts of enemies with a variety of upgradable towers and in a number of different environments in one of the more impressive offerings of tower defense out there. 

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Kingdom Rush Frontiers HackedKingdom Rush Frontiers

There’s nothing like a bit of Kingdom Rush: Frontiers speculation, particularly in the midst of all the tension and palpable anticipation for its release that grows on a daily basis. In an almost torturous move, Ironhide have recently released some videos portraying the heroes that we currently know of in action, but the game doesn’t actually feel any closer to being upon us. Granted, there is still a month left before Spring has fully sprung and the warm photons of the summer sun fall upon us in an official, astronomical capacity, but it is the former season that has been indicated by Ironhide as the collection of months in which the release of the game would fall. At this rate, Autumn would have fallen before we get our browsers/swiping fingers on the game, let alone one with hacks to make our life easier. There really isn’t any harm in fuelling the keen fires of anticipation with further speculation and casual discussion of Frontiers’ features. 

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Forge of EmpiresForge of Empires

Real-time strategy, turn-based battle game, or tower defense title? One would think that a game cannot be all three at the same time, but they would be mistaken. Forge of Empires allows you to balance your resources in an attempt to build and expand your settlement, battle your way to expansion, and watch it grow throughout the ages.

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