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Pokemon Tower Defense 2

Pokémon Tower Defense 2 – Familiar Pokémon action dipped in a little tower defense


Pokémon fans are notorious for their passion about the game, the success of which has resulted in a long-running main series and countless spin-off titles spanning over a decade. In the same manner, the tower defense genre is comparable in its popularity and the number of fans that it has around the world. In spite of the fact that these two very different styles of game initially seem incompatible, Sam and Dan games have managed to arrange for a very successful meeting of the two, resulting in the extremely addictive and incredibly popular series of Pokémon Tower Defense, an idea which very few people could have imagined would be as successful as it has been. The response was so overwhelmingly positive that the release of a sequel to the original was inevitable. Pokémon Tower Defense 2 is arguably the best realisation of browser-based Pokémon action in existence, and is a heavy-hitter in the competitive realm of the tower defense games.


In Pokémon Tower Defense 2, the Pokémon themselves act as the towers and must be used in a variety of contexts including battles with other wild Pokémon, battles against the Pokémon owned by many trainers, and also the defending and saving of various items from the clutches of opponent Pokémon. Your Pokémon gain experience and level up as they battle, learning new moves and getting stronger so that your towers are constantly improving. The game is split into story and 1 vs. 1 mode, with the former being the main carrier of content in the game and the latter being an extremely entertaining sideshow in which you get to battle many trainers in the style of the gym battles that are typical of the official Pokémon games. The whole game is animated entirely in a low-resolution style that is a nod to the era where Pokémon was played exclusively on the GameBoy, rendered in a pixelated fashion; the music of Pokémon Tower Defense 2 is also purposely basic and in an 8-bit style. This gives the game a glint of nostalgia that Pokémon fans around the world will enjoy.

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The story mode of the game is more flexible than the rigid, level-based format of the original and allows you to roam freely, exploring whichever parts of the surrounding environment that you wish to see. The main adventure is also updated on a regular basis by the game’s developer Sam Otero, meaning the game is in a constant state of development and is improving on an almost weekly basis, with new challenges, features, and Pokémon added frequently in order to keep things as fresh as possible.

Pokémon Through and Through

What makes the game so appealing to fans of Pokémon in particular is the retention of all the features of the official games that make them so popular in the first place. The range of Pokémon available in the game is extremely varied, their ability to learn moves and the level at which they learn them is identical to the fifth generation of Pokémon games, and they are able to evolve in the very same manner as well. Wild Pokémon can also be captured with Pokéballs in the same way as the main games. More importantly, the type-based weaknesses and strengths feature heavily in the game and are instrumental in determining the outcome of any particular battle. Those unfamiliar with Pokémon may have to learn about these all-important types, but the existence of sub-types of Pokémon such as fire, water, steel, grass, and bug make for interesting battles. Fire is effective against steel, for example, and grass moves are devastating to rock Pokémon, placing a unique emphasis on choosing your Pokémon towers and their moves wisely.

The game’s 1 vs. 1 mode is backed up with other features such as the breeding centre, where Pokémon can be bred and their mixed offspring raised into battle-worthiness. The trading centre also allows you to swap Pokémon with anyone else that plays the game, bringing the whole community closer together and adding to the sense that you are part of something bigger than just the game. There is even a weekly mystery gift giveaway, giving you the opportunity to regularly collect a shiny Pokémon after solving the clues set by the game’s developer.


Pokémon Tower Defense 2 is a must-play for Pokémon fans, and tower defense fans will appreciate its take on the genre. With the game under constant development, the adventure continues to change every week. This makes the game unique in the flash-based world since there is always something new to do on a regular basis because he adventure continues to evolve.


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