Pokemon Tower Defense 2 Guide: 1 vs. 1 Alternate Strategies

Pokemon Tower Defense 2 : Generations – 1 vs. 1 Mode Alternate Methods


Taking a Different Path

1 vs. 1 mode in the game can be extremely tough, particularly considering the number of different combinations of Pokémon that can be used to beat the game. If you’ve already read through the quick type effectiveness guide, then you may be interested beating the game a different way. Perhaps you’ve made your way through 1 vs. 1 mode many a time and simply want a change; maybe the method in the above walkthrough didn’t quite work for you (it should, since it has been tested multiple times by me) and now you’re after a sure-fire way to beat the game (again, the aforementioned walkthrough does work). Whatever your motive, here are a few other strategies that I’ve encountered on the merry old interweb of facts and lies in varying proportions.

Geodude-Heavy Method

Essentially, this means of beating the game involves relying on the defensive capabilities of Geodude in beating the game. You will obviously need to have unlocked Geodude before using this method. Simply put, you must buy a Geodude (but the more the better) and level it up using Rare Candies every time. Cycle through his attacks, particularly using Defense Curl to the max. Learn Rock Throw when you can since this is a powerful move. Geodude is significantly less effective after Brock, however, so make sure to have alternate Pokémon to pick up the slack.

Lather, Pewter, Repeat

This one simply involves accumulating a ridiculous amount of cash by performing the relatively easy task of getting to Pewter Gym and purposely losing to Youngster 2.0 repeatedly in order to collect the 100 coin reward each time. Once enough coins have been earned and enough Pokemon are unlocked, you can purchase Potions, Oran Berries, and whichever Pokémon you like in order to beat the game with your very own choice of ‘mon.

Glitchin ain’t Easy

Ok, I’m not sure if this one is even still a thing, but it involves using the game’s memory of how many coins you have and accumulating enough to yet again purchase any Pokémon/rare candies/ number of potions you like. Begin a new game and purchase no items or Pokémon aside from Spearow. Use him in the first two fights (he will sometimes lose in the 2nd, but keep persisting), and get him to the third fight. Purposely losing this third fight should provide you with an increased number of coins. Repeat as desired.

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