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Improving on Perfection

The blending of the tower defense genre with the RPG-style and “catch ‘em all” idea of Pokémon is something that very few people could have achieved as well as Sam Otero, the talented developer behind Pokémon Tower Defense 2. The release of the game was highly anticipated by players of the first game, and the game’s fan base continues to grow along with the game itself, which is under frequent development and benefits from frequent updates. But what does the future hold for the Pokémon Tower Defense series? The game is already a very loyal portrayal of Pokémon while incorporating enough features of tower defense to keep fans of both genres happy. Perfecting something that is already approaching perfection may be a difficult task, but here are just a few ideas of some minor changes and improvements that could benefit Pokémon Tower Defense 3.

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Ways to Attain Missed Shiny Pokémon

There’s nothing more frustrating in Pokémon Tower Defense 2 than missing the deadline for a shiny Pokémon giveaway. Whether it is because you were busy, didn’t have access to internet, or just felt like a break from the game, once you have missed the shiny giveaway cut-off, there’s no going back and trading is then your last resort. Pokémon Tower Defense 3 should be more forgiving for players that aren’t dipping in and out of the game frequently by allowing players who didn’t catch the last giveaway to earn the occasional shiny Pokémon in the game. Sam and Dan coins are also a form of currency that allows you to adopt shiny and legendary Pokémon, but they can only currently be earned through transaction with real-life money or by completing various surveys. Ways to earn small numbers of coins by completing tasks and/or fulfilling certain battle-related criteria would be welcomed in a future sequel.

Variety of Pokéballs

As Pokémon Tower Defense 2 stands in its current stage of development, we are restricted to the regular Pokéball for capturing Pokémon. Including differing capture rates in Pokémon Tower Defense 3 could be an idea to shake up the gameplay and make it more akin to the official Pokémon series of games. Different capture rates would then require different levels of Pokéball, increasing the challenge of capturing Pokémon instead of it being automatic and inevitable once their health is at the red level. Shiny Pokémon and rare Pokémon could still remain easily captured to avoid frustration, but different capture rates depending on variables such as health, status effects, time of day, and level of Pokémon would bring the game closer to its official Nintendo counterpart.

Pokémon Centres

We have been teased with the idea of Pokécenters in Pokémon Tower Defense 2 already since they already exist but are inaccessible as the game stands at the moment. Whether it is a future development of the current game or a new feature in Pokémon Tower Defense 3, functioning Pokémon Centres would be a nice addition, requiring you perhaps occasionally heal your Pokémon at and also take your Pokémon out/store them like in the main series of Pokémon games.


Having Pokémon Centres in the game would take away the safety net of automatic healing between battles or certain areas, or at least put more emphasis on strategy within the game; it would also usher in the possibility of healing items such as Oran Berries and various kinds of potions to heal your Pokémon. Potions and healing items are already available in 1 vs. 1 mode, so it wouldn’t be too much of a leap to include them in story mode. We already have already seen items such as the Metal Jacket and a variety of fishing rods in the game as well. The big question is whether the change required of the damage/healing system would be too great to for healing items to be incorporated easily into the gameplay. This one is up to Sam Otero since it would require quite a bit of alteration to the current battle mechanics. 

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